approval received


Year 13s, the coursework advisor has given the go ahead for your projects. There is also a checklist to help you keep the projects on target. Ask yourself these questions whenever you feel you’re getting off track.

Research Essay:

  • Does it allow you to explore the 5 key Concepts?
  • Does it negotiate an issue and/or debate?
  • Is it contemporary?
  • Is there a list of text(s)?
  • Does it go beyond MEST 3 topic areas?
  • Is it synoptic? (i.e. does it cover the entirety of the course)
  • Does it answer the question ‘why’ rather than ‘how’? (i.e. not descriptive)
  • Does it encourage independent research and critical autonomy?
  • Is it truly individual?
  • Does it avoid the cliché – (women in the media etc)
  • Would it end up just being a list of facts?

Here is the checklist for the production:

  • What are the links between the essay and the practical?
  • Will the practical exemplify issues raised in the essay?
  • Does it go beyond the MEST 2 artefacts?
  • Is it independent of the MEST 2 artefact?
  • Is it substantial enough for an A2 exercise?
  • Does it seem to be more than just an ‘add-on’?