Helvetica is a full-length documentary about one of the fonts I hate the most. Of course, I don’t hate it nearly as much as I hate Comic Sans, but even a viewing of the trailer on iTunes is very informative about Helvetica’s ubiquity (or over-use).

It was made to celebrate the font’s 50th anniversary two years ago.

I don’t mind sans serif fonts. I mostly like Myriad, though it’s becoming almost as common; and I’m fond of Frutiger; Gill Sans is good, but also over-used. My problem with Helvetica is that its a default choice, and a safe choice, a lazy choice, and an uninspiring choice. What’s wrong with Avenir? Or Scala Sans? Or Cronos? There are so many nicely-wrought sans serifs, many of them more recent than Helvetica, Eurostile or Univers, if only people would think a bit harder.

Still, guess what we’re watching in class next week? Think of it as a Christmas treat.