Famous for Fifteen People – Stanford Law Review


You know those annoying Facebook ads, which feature YOUR FACE, and tell the WHOLE WORLD that you LIKED something? (More fool you, for clicking the LIKE button, by the way…):

The plaintiffs’ assertion that they were famous to their friends raises interesting issues not only in terms of the allegations necessary to state a claim for violation of the right of publicity but also for the defense to that claim for the publication of “newsworthy” matters. In a motion to dismiss, Facebook argued that its Stories were newsworthy because “(1) Plaintiffs are ‘public figures’ to their friends, and (2) ‘expressions of consumer opinion’ are generally newsworthy.” The court agreed, stating that “Plaintiffs’ assertion of their status as local ‘celebrities’ within their own Facebook social networks likewise makes them subjects of public interest among the same audience.”

via Famous for Fifteen People – Stanford Law Review.