Moon | Typeset In The Future


For dedicated Media students, it really does’t get any better than the website Typeset in the Future, which is  blog dedicated to typography in science fiction films.

For anyone who wants to learn about the power of type to evoke an era and to create a mood, look no further.

And for my students who think my obsession with type is a bit strange, please note that I did not start that blog. Other people are, in fact, far more obsessed than I. I’m the well-adjusted one.

This typeface is OCR-A, which was designed in 1968 for use in optical character recognition systems. It’s actually an ISO standard for character recognition. Moreover, it looks like THE FUTURE, and so it makes a perfect choice for on-screen interstitial positioning shots. (Matthew Skala has very kindly made a modern implementation of OCR-A available for free on his web site.)

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