Daily Mail – deliberately misleading readers (since 1896)


Here’s a good one from yesterday. A classic Daily Mail-ism: manufacturing outrage out of nothing in order to (a) kick the BBC and (b) keep their readers in a froth of rage so they don’t have time to think. The Mail decided to “go after” newsreaders who weren’t wearing a black tie to mourn the passing of the Witch of the East (well, Grantham). As if the wearing of a black tie when a figure of hate died was compulsory, in the same way that the wearing of a poppy is compulsory for anyone on the telly in the run-up to Remembrance Day.

So the Mail went after Huw Edwards, who was wearing a dark blue tie, and illustrated the article with a screen grab from the news – which shows Edwards wearing a pink tie. How jolly!

Putting aside the erroneous copyright attribution – it is, of course, copyright BBC – this photograph shows Huw Edwards wearing a bright pink tie… and a poppy, therefore dating this photograph to one November. (Since the background isn’t the standard background for BBC News, we can’t even work out the year.)

It turns out the screen grab dated from 2006.

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