Jason Russell: Kony2012 and the fight for truth – The Observer


He’d never experienced any form of mental illness. Or at least, he hadn’t until the world wide web turned its hell dogs upon him. Could anyone have withstood the pressure that Russell was under? “My doctors say there are very few people who have been that unknown, and then that famous and who are then ripped to shreds.”

When I ask him if he’s processed what happened to him, and what effect it’s had on his life, he says: “I don’t know if I have processed it. I still … there are days when I think, ‘That was a total failure.’ That it was the worst thing that could have happened. That I let everybody down. And there are others when I think we did what we wanted to do. We set out to make Joseph Kony known. And now he is. So I can’t… But the problem is that my breakdown put such a blanket of fear and distrust and shame over everything. That’s something I deal with every day.”

Or as Vice magazine reported it: “Those who live by slick viral videos can die by them too.”

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