White noise: ‘Euphonia’ exposes the horrors of our tech-mediated reality | The Verge


Interesting article here about a zero-budget film set to be shown at the SXSW film festival. There’s a trailer for the film on the Verge if you follow the link below. The film, Euphonia, is about a boy who becomes obsessed with his new sound recording device. The theme of the film is the way in which technology mediates our experience of the world. There’s something tragically wrong about the way the reporter allows a phone call to interrupt an interview with a director who hates the fact that phone calls interrupt one-on-one interactions. “I had to take it,” he says. As if anybody really ever “has” to take a call. Who are you? The United Nations Secretary General?  Snip:

Madden [the director] is well known in my circle of friends for his sporadic use of phone and email. Basically, he uses them on his own terms. When he’s spending time with a friend, he typically shuts off his phone. He doesn’t text, and doesn’t make plans or commitments flippantly. His own dad calls him a luddite. To me, he’s a bit of a hero.

For Madden, it’s simple: “We’re hanging out, why do we have to have your cellphone between us?”

Euphonia speaks to the mediation and distance technology can introduce into our relationships. Ironically, as I was agreeing vehemently with his approach to communication, my phone rang and I had to take it, and so he played my guitar for a half hour while I spoke on the phone with a reporter.

via White noise: ‘Euphonia’ exposes the horrors of our tech-mediated reality | The Verge.