Media Studies Unit 3 on iTunesU



I’ve been experimenting with iTunesU. I don’t know why I didn’t look at it before (misled by the unfortunate name, perhaps). As you may be aware, I have this year been using a coursebook on theory in conjunction with my classroom teaching. But I’ve never been happy with the Kindle book, and would rather have the linked presentations embedded in the text, as they can be in Apple iBooks.

For various reasons, I didn’t necessarily want to upload an iBooks version of my coursebook into the iTunes book store, and didn’t realise (until now) that you could upload iBooks to iTunesU.

In addition, iTunesU allows you to include a course outline, regular posts, assignments, and other materials, whilst allowing students to download the iBook, and keep highlights and notes in the Notes section of the iTunes U app.

I’d appreciate it if some of my readers would try the experimental course and give me some feedback. At the moment, it’s a mere skeleton: I’ve uploaded a sample post for an imaginary week 1/2 of the course, with an individual chapter of the book (under Materials), which can be downloaded. Inside the book are four embedded presentation (and a scrollable list of media debates). What iTunesU allows you to do is (while reading the book in iBooks) highlight text and add notes of your own, which are then saved under the Notes section in iTunes U.

To enroll on the course, you need to:

  1. Download the iTunesU app on your iOS device
  2. Scroll down to where it says ENROL and tap there
  3. Enter the code: DXY-4TA-Y8E
  4. Then when the course has downloaded, interact with it.

At the moment, the text of the book needs tweaking to make it more directly addressed to students, but this is just a tester for now.