A theory primer for Media students?


I’m thinking of producing a short e-book to accompany some of my slideshows. The book would be a basic primer in various theories, with some discussion points.

Initially, I’m using Apple’s iBooks Author to create the book, but I’ll probably output a Kindle version, too. The iBook would be free, because it would include embedded Keynote slideshows with Creative Commons images. The Kindle book would carry a small fee (I can only make Kindle books free for up to 5 days, as far as I can tell), and would have embedded links to the Google docs versions of the slide shows.

Anyway, here’s a sample chapter, on Liberal Humanism. The embedded slideshows don’t work, because this is a PDF export. I can’t output an iBooks version until I can test the thing on an iPad, which I don’t have yet.