Missing presentations?


There were a number of embedded Slideshare presentations on this blog, which will shortly disappear (or may already have). Slideshare has become increasingly strident in its attempts to get people to sign up for “pro” accounts, but I couldn’t justify the expense of even a Silver Pro account at the education discount. This is because my own students are pretty useless at using these resources and they were mainly used by others. So I could hardly spend any of my budget running a Slideshare Pro account.

The final straw was when Slideshare changed the file size upload limit to 10MB for non-paying users.

That’s their prerogative, but that’s when the system became useless for me going forward.

If anyone knows of a decent solution for uploading presentations (not PowerPoint, I use Keynote and convert them to PDFs), drop me a line.

UPDATE: Using Google docs, I have embedded a file above. Does this work for you?