In case you thought I was making it up when I say that the Daily Mail often just makes things up…

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The Amanda Knox verdict happened late enough at night that a lot of newspapers were desperate to publish their stories on the verdict in time for the morning editions – not to mention the perceived need to be first with the story online. A lot of news organisations were caught out by the order in which the verdicts were delivered (not least because they’d totally ignored one of the charges that the judges and jury were considering).

Yes, a lot of news organisations were caught out, but the Daily Mail had gone further, and written an entire news report about a guilty verdict: including an eyewitness account of Amanda Knox’s shocked reaction and those of the family and the lawyers:

Unfortunately, like many people, the Mail was caught out by the judge finding her guilty of slander – before clearing her of the murder. At the sound of the word “guilty”, they hit publish on a story about her appeal being rejected that includes reactions from the family and prosecutors being delighted – reactions that can’t have happened as she was found NOT guilty of murder.

Read the full account here: Hugely embarrassing: Daily Mail jumps gun on “Amanda Knox guilty” story » Malcolm Coles.

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