Apple iPad, fastest-selling electronic device…ever – iPod/iPhone – Macworld UK


Macworld has the skinny on the sell-through rate of the iPad. Apple still don’t have any serious competitors (lots of tablets have been announced, but the only one anybody has actually tried – at the Next clothing chain of all places – displayed nothing but Chinese text and crashed within 30 seconds) and everybody seems to want one – and NOW.

Did Steve Jobs really invent a magical tablet? If consumer adoption of Apple’s iPad tablet is any measure of magic than Jobs has reached Albus Dumbledore (of Harry Potter fame) status. According to financial analysts at Bernstein Research Apple’s iPad is the most quickly adopted non-phone electronic device ever – beating out adoption rates of the less magical DVD player.

CNBC’s Fast Money blog reported Bernstein Research’s findings which says the iPad is selling at a rate of about 4.5 million units per quarter (it sold 3 million units in the first 80 days after its release). CNBC’s John Melloy wrote: “This sales rate is blowing past the one million units the iPhone sold in its first quarter and the 350,000 units sold in the first year by the DVD player..”

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