Council staff ‘waste most of day’ – Press Association

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According to this Press Association story, Council staff ‘waste most of day’… which is hardly surprising.

It found that while private sector managers had only slightly higher levels of active management than their public sector counterparts, businesses typically had more robust systems which generated more personal accountability for performance, allowing them to achieve better staff utilisation rates – 44% compared with 32% in councils

I post this story as a kind of follow-up to yesterday’s, the one about the OFCOM survey that shows we spend about half our time consuming media. To which I respond, “And the rest,” because even when people are supposed to be working, they’re probably spending half their time consuming media: checking Twitter, playing Farmville, watching cat videos on YouTube.

What I also like about this story is the bias in the headline against the public sector. Right wing ideology always favours the private sector over the public, but the headline could easily have read, STAFF ‘WASTE MOST OF DAY’ – including the public sector, because 44% productivity – last time I looked – is still less than half.

Imagine how efficient this country would be if every single office blocked the likes of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.. So why don’t they? I think, probably, because people would just go back to hanging around the photocopier pretending to work, or they’d find something else on the internet to distract them.

In our school, most of the “fun” things are blocked, which means it’s almost impossible for me to prepare lessons at work. The problem is that the “fun” stuff can also be very “useful”.

Anyway, when I worked in the private sector, any day when I spent as much as 44% of the time working would have been exceptionally busy.