Guardian University Guide 2011


The Guardian has published its annual University Guide. It’s by no means exhaustive, but is a good jumping off point.

And those top universities for Media Studies are… (average entry tariff in UCAS points in brackets)

Warwick (421)
Southampton (375)
Sheffield (373)
Leicester (314)
Birmingham City (316)
Birmingham (386)
Newcastle (385)
Bournemouth (350)
King’s College, London (408)
Stirling (336)
Sussex (355)
Hertfordshire (238)

(These all score 70 or above on the Guardian’s scale out of 100 – it’s hard to see how King’s can justify an entry tariff of 408 with a score of 72.8, compared to a score of 70 for Hertfordshire with an entry tariff of 238)

The following are probably best avoided, as they score below 40:

York St John (248)
Winchester (263)
Bucks New University (193)
Leeds Trinity University College (234)
Canterbury Christ Church (223)
London Met (220)

In terms of value-added (i.e. how well you do compared to what they demand from you in order to get onto the course), it’s worth looking at the following:

Bradford (entry tariff 226, value added score: 10/10)
Stirling (336 – 10/10)
Bedfordshire (208 – 9/10)
Lincoln (291 – 9/10)
Westminster (323 – 9/10)
Queen’s, Belfast (335 – 9/10)

As a rough guide, an A grade is worth 120 points, a B is 100, and a C is 80. The new A* will be worth 140 points. Anyway, it looks as if Warwick are demanding four ‘A’ levels – AAAD (just about) or three A*s.

The lowest entry tariff with the highest value added is Bedfordshire. You could get into Bedfordshire with CCD. Northampton gets 8/10 with a tariff of 220 (CCD). Bradford are clearly doing very well with 10/10 and a tariff of just 226 (say, CCC).

And the top universities for American Studies (a course I recommend!) are…

King’s College London

One to avoid:

Liverpool John Moores