Brad Paisley on Twitter: welcome to the future?


If you follow Country superstar @Brad Paisley on Twitter, you will see a great example of old media meets new: Paisley has just tried tweeting (and posting pictures) from the stage during his concerts.

This is a bit like the common habit of watching telly and tweeting at the same time. Those of his fans in the audience who have their smartphones with them can also see his updates and his Twitpics.

Don’t know how I’d feel if I was in that audience with my 96-year-old Nokia. I wonder what it looks like when he stops to tweet? Then again, he’s such a great guitar player, he could probably tweet and play at the same time. This probably works quite well for his US audience, which will be predominantly young people in their teens and twenties. If Paisley ever played in the UK, he’d get an audience of Radio 2 greyhairs who would wonder what the hell he was playing at.

Paisley uses Echofon, which means he’s using an iPhone. But then we knew he had an iPhone, because we saw the video. I’d link to it on YouTube, but those b@st@rds at EMI have blocked it. Even though – you will note – I paid for a legitimate copy from iTunes, I still have to put up with their nonsense (adds *copyfight* tag to post).