Sony miss the boat… again


Sony once had it all – and blew it, when they allowed their lawyers to dictate their hardware policy. They owned the portable music player market, but then refused to release an MP3 version – they invented their own technology instead – and that allowed Apple to come in with the iPod.

The original iPod, as John Gruber points out here wasn’t even all that great, but it did just enough to make consumers want it.

Sony have been flamming around without a clear direction ever since. They released an e-reader, but (again) it requires Sony’s own file format and doesn’t support open e-book formats. Why they thought that was a good idea, I don’t know. Now, they’re saying that they’re “not sure” about the tablet computing market – even though Apple just sold a million of them in a month.

“The iPad has created a new opportunity,” Abary added. “Now we can get a good judgment as to whether the market is truly accepting of it. [We’re] not convinced there is a large enough market to justify bringing out a tablet.”

So, Sony (SNE) is taking a wait-and-see approach to Apple’s (AAPL) iPad.

Odd considering where a similar approach to the iPod left the company.