Cultivated Play: Farmville | MediaCommons


I urge you to read this fascinating article about Farmville, because it talks about what motivates so many people to play what “barely qualifies” as a game which is run by a company with alleged links to advertising scams.

Would make for an interesting “impact of new media” case study.

We are obligated to examine what we are doing, whether we are updating our Facebook status or playing Call of Duty, because the results of those actions will ultimately be our burden, for better or for worse. We must learn above all to distinguish between the better and the worse. Citizens must educate themselves in the use of sociable applications, such as Wikipedia, Skype, and Facebook, and learn how they can better use them to forward their best interests. And we must learn to differentiate sociable applications from sociopathic applications: applications that use people’s sociability to control those people, and to satisfy their owners’ needs.