Useful iPhone apps for filmmakers


I’ve posted this on Westudyfilm, but it’s far too useful to restrict to just one blog:

There are a variety of really useful iPhone apps for filmmakers and film students. I’m using a monochrome screened old Nokia, but if I did have an iPhone, I’d be getting hold of some of these in a heartbeat.

First up, there’s Hitchcock, from Cinemek, which is a storyboarding app. Really! Looks absolutely brilliant: you take a photo of your scene. You can drag in a silhouette for where the actor would be, put in tracking and zooming movements, and then – gasp! – get the storyboard to play back with the timings you specify so that you can check pacing.

The reviewer on this site points out a couple of shortcomings, but they seem fairly minor. Watch the video and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Next, there’s MovieSlate, which turns your iPhone (or, I’m assuming, iPad), into a useful clapperboard and shot log. Blimey, and I was so pleased when I bought those acrylic clapperboards earlier this year. For just £5.99, you get a huge range of useful functions, including the ability to synch your timecode with an iTunes song for making music videos.

Finally, there’s something a bit advanced and professional, but still very cool: Artemis, which is a director’s viewfinder. You may have seen film directors looking through a lens to test a shot, and this app does just that: you can tell it the kind of lens/shot you want, it’ll show you how that looks. This is aimed at those using cameras with interchangeable lenses, which is far more advanced than we do in class, but looks amazingly useful.