Hugh Laurie finds happiness in LA – Times Online


This brief interview with The Times is to promote the forthcoming new season of House on Sky 1 in the UK (another News Corp property – this is what the media institutions like to call synergy). It makes the claim that House is now the world’s most watched TV show. If so, it’s an interesting step up from what it was a few years ago: CSI Miami, which is utter tripe. I was reminded of this when I watched episode 1 of the current CSI Trilogy being shown on channel Five at the moment.

The CSI trilogy is another example of synergy (there’s a lot of it about) – persuading fans of one show (the Vegas original, perhaps) to watch episodes of the other two. I only watch Original (the one I used to call Beardy). I never warmed to the New York one, and David Caruso, in Miami, is hard to take.

Meanwhile, Doctor Gregory House, modelled on Sherlock Holmes, a drug-addicted misanthrope, is the world’s most popular TV character, and Science Fiction once again proves itself to be the most popular TV genre.

Whether it’s CSI (forensic science), or House (medical science – and, most importantly, the scientific method), we just can’t get enough of geeky people on TV solving mysteries (medical or otherwise) using science and technology. Isn’t that interesting?