Observer relaunches next week


The Observer was founded in 1791, and will relaunch next week with fewer sections. This is obviously an effort to save money in a falling market, but has also given the Guardian media group an opportunity to focus on what a Sunday paper does best – or at least better than online media.

That was the challenge and we had to emerge with a paper that was distinct from the competition, that played on the Observer's core strengths and that took account of what we could provide in an age when readers are increasingly at the receiving end of a media tsunami. Amid that chaos there is a role for a Sunday paper that offers increased reflection, discursiveness and analysis. But it also has to offer engagement, passion and a commitment to highlighting issues in line with the founding principles of the paper. The Observer has to stand for something, and to stand out as a result.

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Meanwhile, the quality newspaper market is reeling from sales that have been falling in percentage double digits, as the story below explains.