Doctor, Doctor! Gingerism’s gone nuts


I’m afraid the ridiculous row about Doctor Who’s regretful comment about still not being ginger as he reincarnated as Matt Smith is just one of the many signs that the internet seems to have destroyed our ability to appreciate or recognise nuanced meaning and / or irony.

after this week’s events, in which more than 100 complaints were made to the BBC over an off-the-cuff remark made in the Christmas Doctor Who special, it is clear that gingerism is on the verge of running out of control.

The remark, uttered by actor Matt Smith at the moment of his transmogrification into a Gallifrean Timelord ran as follows: “I’m still not ginger”. It is expressed in a tone of frustrated regret, in the manner of someone who all their life has dreamt of being a ballet dancer and still finds themselves doing PAs at Po Na Na. Somehow, the ginger fringe has interpreted this as a slur.

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