Smart phone market share figures


Smart phones defy slowdown (Canalys press release: r2009081).

These industry-wide figures are being widely reported and they show the enormous leaps Apple have been making in the smartphone market (smartphones being the ones with extended, computer-like functions). They’ve gone from 2.1% of the global market in Q2 2008 to 13.7% of the market in the same quarter 2009. From 700,000 shipped products to 5.2 million.

While Nokia and RIM (who make the Blacknerry) are holding up their end, it’s the “others” that are being hurt by Apple’s success: down from 12 million units to 8 million over the year. So Apple’s gain of 4.5 million sales is more or less the others’ loss.

Nokia are still very strong in Europe, Middle East, and Asia (EMEA) – scroll down in the story to see those figures. Apple have 13.6% of the EMEA market.