Google’s vision for the future of journalism


Interesting article in the Guardian about Google News and how difficult it is for Google to link to news, apropos of our discussion on how Google works the other day (that link takes you to an explanation from the Google Guide).

But one returns to that problem about news sites: the rules of journalistic production are not compatible with Google’s algorithm, based on the link culture of the web. And even though Maile Ohye, Google’s developer programs technical head, has said that in news searching Google values the original source which broke the story first, Google News shows something different.


One thing Google wants to do is recreate the experience of picking up a newspaper — where you might notice a story you wouldn’t necessarily have searched for, just because of its position on the page. This is called serendipity, and it’s the same reason libraries with books are better than libraries with computers: you never know what you’re going to discover by accident.