Bits and pieces of media news


The Guardian asks the question, what do you do if a former bully / tormenter wants to add you as a friend on Facebook? Readers are invited to comment. My favourite response, of course, is “Get a real life…”

Meanwhile, The Telegraph reports that – according to a Wired magazine survey – we’re living in a media golden age. There’s much here to cheer the average newspaper proprietor. Wired’s Top 10 Trends of 2010 makes for interesting (and relevant) reading:

1. Individuals vs the corporation
The internet facilitates new ways for individuals to organise outside of organisations. Companies themselves will be transformed as new generations of employees introduce new expectations for transparency.
2. The media are unpoliceable
Media consumption is being liberated from geography. News comes from a wider range of sources. Attempts to monitor and control these habits will be increasingly tricky for UK regulators.
3. New types of abundance require new types of scarcity
We live in a golden age where we have access to huge amounts of content. As we flick between websites, YouTube videos and news stories at the click of a button, attention is the substance that is now scarce.

Finally, I’m not sure what I think about these as posters for the films they’re supposed to be about, but there are some nice graphic design ideas nevertheless.