Lily Allen’s copyright quagmire


Via boingnoing, Cory Doctorow’s considered response to the pickle Lily Allen has got herself in with the copyfighters, when she posted an online rant about piracy. Snip:

Allen just hasn’t thought this through. Copyright is problematic for everyone: musicians, fans, bloggers. The absence of clear affirmative rights to make personal copies, to share with your friends, to copy for the purposes of discussion and commentary (as opposed to the fuzzy and difficult-to-interpret fair use guidelines, which have been further confused by the entertainment industry’s bold attempts to convince us all that they don’t matter and can’t be relied upon) means that we’re all in a state of constant infringement.

Also via boingboing, this story about how new technology can be used to make a copy of a key from a photo, even if the key is at an angle and quite a long way distant is truly chilling.

Lily Allen runs away with her tail between her legs.