Open Rights Group: stop disconnection without trial


You may recall that during the summer Peter Mandelson, an unelected politician (he was appointed to the House of Lords and parachuted into government without the need for pesky democracy) sat down for lunch with David Geffen, a multi-millionaire entertainment industry mogul.

The result, after a few jeroboams of champagne and a waffer thin mint was a new, aggressive, government policy on internet file sharing.

Never mind that the entertainment industry has a track record of exaggerating the pain and fictionalising the lost sales figures caused by downloading, what happened to democracy? What about the interests of, you know, the people? What happened to the more moderate proposals in the government’s own Digital Britain report?

Now the Open Rights Group are campaigning against Mandelson’s Lunchtime lawmaking. There’s even a petition. Follow the link.

Open Rights Group | Stop Disconnection without trial.