Head of Australian State Broadcaster defends the Beeb


“Those who use the BBC most are least likely to object to it; those who don't use it permanently resent it.

“And those like James Murdoch, who want to limit the BBC to the point of irrelevance, are able to piggyback their anti-BBC arguments onto that resentment.

“There is no question that it is, in effect, a regressive tax – the burden falling hardest on those who can least afford to pay it. Is there a better way?

“A licence fee is seen as a fee for services provided to everyone. In Australia, the funding of public broadcasting is seen another way – as a public good, a part of the greater public good that is funded through taxation.

“Not everyone watches or listens to the ABC in Australia, but almost universally, everyone is glad it's there.”

via James Murdoch out to ‘destroy the BBC’, says ABC head |
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