Alcohol advertising ban would ‘devastate’ media industries


A complete ban on alcohol advertising would have a “devastating” impact on the ailing TV, newspaper and magazine sectors, resulting in more than £180m-a-year in ad revenue disappearing from company balance sheets, according to forecasts.

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4 thoughts on “Alcohol advertising ban would ‘devastate’ media industries

  1. Georgina

    what about the effect it would have on sports? would for example sports such as rugby and football see themselves losing out on big sponsership deals?

    • It’s bound to have some impact. On the other hand, Formula 1 survived (so far) the loss of tobacco money. But the drug pedlars (tobacco and alcohol industry) always had fatter profits to throw away on sponsorship, which is the kind of amorphous, unmeasurable advertising you can afford if you’re basically selling a brand identity to an already-addicted audience.

  2. Georgina

    yes but f1 didnt really lose the tobacco sponsership did they? Bernie delayed the enforcement for a while and ferrari still carry the barcode on the rear wing, so i assume they are still profiting from Marlboro?

    • Well, I think that Ferrari are the only team who still have tobacco sponsorship, and if I was Marlboro I wouldn’t pay as much for a bar code as I would for the full branding. WIlliams dropped tobacco in ’99; Honda and Renault in ’05 and ’06 respectively. F1 replaced tobacco with banks, electronics companies, and car manufacturers.

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