According to this report in the Guardian, 25% of all ‘A’ Level passes in 2009 were A grades. But subjects differ, and it’s harder to get an ‘A’ in Media Studies: FACT! Of the 10,174 entries with our exam board, just 13.9% got A grades at A2. We’re slightly below average until the D grade boundary, at which point we overtake the nation, because all of us got a D or better, and our pass rate was 100%.

(By way of contrast, 35.8% of Mathematics candidates got an ‘A’ grade – which means it’s two-and-a-half times easier to get an A in A2 Maths than it is to get one in Media Studies.)

For the new specification, there were 9,149 entries for the AQA specification, and the national average for the A grade was an even lower 10.8%. 44% of our AS passes were A grades, which is well above average, so congratulations to all. We also maintained our 100% pass rate across the board at AS. Looking further down the boundaries, nationally, 57.2% of candidates got a C grade or better, whereas in our cohort, 92% got a C or better. Kerching!

(By way of comparison, 21.9% of AS candidates for the new Physics ‘A’ level got an A grade, with a similar 57.5% getting a C or better. In other words, it’s also harder to get an A grade in Media than it is in Physics!)


5 thoughts on “Congratulululations

  1. Dan

    But it’s also easier to get an A in this years AS then it was last years.
    Well… that’s my excuse anyway.

  2. Dan

    So I see… I don’t understand this though, as you showed us a new AS paper, and my god it was easier. Perhaps it is just because it was a new (can’t think of word) and the teachers didn’t teach well enough? excluding yourself ofcourse.

  3. Dan, specification is the word you’re looking for. You may be right, but I couldn’t possibly comment!

    Chinia, you’re going to be so well prepared for university, having read all that Marx stuff. I didn’t bother with it until my MA.

    I’m going to miss you lot, the regular attenders. It was such fun. *sob*

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