Interesting analysis of newspaper comment by Wired


Wired magazine (UK) ponders why the Telegraph thinks Boris Johnson is work a quarter of a million a year for a weekly column. This article is also interesting for the way it deconstructs the Daily Mail’s team of opinion columnists. Fascinating.

At the top end, the paper employs A.N Wilson (bookish/religious), Max Hastings (gruffly military), Quentin Letts (satirical) and Craig Brown (whimsical). Closer to the Mail’s demographic centre of gravity, you find writers like Peter Hitchens and Harry Phibbs: less intricate, more splenetic. Alongside them sits Amanda Platell (a brassy promoter of “common sense” and apostrophes). Necessarily, the Mail needs both a High Tory polemicist (Peter Oborne – one for the shires) and a street-fighting free marketeer with a penchant for fighting the culture wars (Melanie Phillips).

The death of comment