Kill Me Now


The financial sector is abuzz with news about a report note written for Morgan Stanley by a 15-year-old work experience kid.

You may remember we considered the Digital Youth Project a while ago, and the hundreds of hours of rigorous academic research it contained. But Morgan Stanley don’t want any of that, they want to publish the deranged wailings of a 15-year-old boy with very limited experience of the world.

(The bit that makes me cry is the part about why teenagers don’t use Macs because of “compatibility issues” with school systems. Aaaargh!)

Apparently, you, teenagers, like to use your mobile phones (teachers have known this for years), hate paying for anything (parents have always known this), and will watch any old crap at the cinema (note to Morgan Stanley: Hollywood has known this for years). Genius.

Read it (and weep) here (PDF). In fact, just for being teenagers like the one who wrote this, I think I’ll force you to analyse it in class.


One thought on “Kill Me Now

  1. Josh P

    That’s funny. I have to say though, compatibility issues i.e. some kid not being able to print off his copied & pasted homework, courtesy of Wikipedia, because the schools insist on putting up with Windows/Dell nonsense is ridiculous. The advantages that come with Mac hardware/software greatly outweigh the compatibility disadvantage. When in fact, files can be converted and printers can be bought for the home etc. (I guess I’m preaching to the choir).

    I worked at a Post Office for my work experience.

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