Sissons quits with a final swipe at eye candy


Peter Sissons, 66, is retiring from the BBC. Before leaving, he has a(nother) go at the trend towards eye candy young and good looking news presenters. Sissons quits with a final swipe at ‘pretty’ presenters – The Independent.

He also attacked what he called “wannabe” presenters with no frontline reporting experience. “The world is stuffed with wannabe TV presenters at the moment. It should be a requirement that you don't get to read the news unless you've been through the fire of frontline reporting. We've got to make sure the new generation of news presenters have what the old generation had, which is knowing how the world worked,” he said.

What do you think? Do you need to be a “proper” journalist to read an autocue? What is it that news readers do that’s so special? Anyone seen Broadcast News? From my recollection, they spend a lot of time thanking people for their contribution, passing over to someone else, and reading their lines off a screen.

To me, the worst sin committed by the likes of Kaplinsky is to parade their ignorance in public away from the news. I don’t care that she doesn’t know where Belarus is, but she needn’t crow about it on Who Do You Think You Are?