R&DTV: a collaborative project


Via BoingBoing, I learned of this interesting experiment in Creative Commons licencing by the BBC, who have released files for download and re-editing or re-mixing under the Creative Commons non-commercial attribution license, v2. This means you’re free to do whatever you want with the files, as long as you include credit for the original creators, and as long as you don’t try to make money from it.

This would seem to be perfect opportunity for media students to use high-quality sound/footage in making their own productions – even if just for practice.

It’s a shame it’s all come too late for this year’s coursework, though.

Read about the experiment here and here, which is where you’ll find the links for downloading the files. There’s another link, here for the asset bundles, which have audio/video/text as separate files.

For Mac users, the Quicktime or MP4 versions are probably best, and you should be able to bring the footage into iMovie quite easily. A QuickTime Pro licence might be a good thing to have, should you need to convert files between formats.

backstage.bbc.co.uk :: Backstage Blog :: R&DTV: a collaborative project between BBC Backstage & RAD.

This kind of thing is a result of the BBC’s head scratching about their content, which we – the licence payers – fund, and which we, therefore, should have access to. It’s a little bit outrageous, for example, for someone who pays a UK licence fee to then have to pay for, say, a Doctor Who DVD Box set, but that’s the current situation (though there’s a free download of a Doctor Who ep on offer in this week’s Radio Times).

Ultimately, this could be an excellent thing for A level media students, who could use footage like this as part of their own documentary productions. For example, you could use some interview footage and cut it around a related report filmed/created by students.

Fingers crossed, then, that the Beeb continue with this kind of thing.