David Mitchell on the Beeb


Third and final (promise) media-related Observer article today is David Mitchell’s column about the Ofcom fine levied against the BBC for the Ross/Brand phone call thingy.

A government minister got a round of applause for suggesting that Ross/Brand should pay the fine rather than the BBC, who – after all – had absolutely no say in whether the pre-recorded segment was broadcast… Oh, hang on, they did. Mitchell deconstructs the case quite well, and reserves special ire for politicians who kick the BBC in order to appeal to the mob, who have plenty of reason to be angry and afraid at the moment – very little of it to do with the BBC.

The newspapers that take every opportunity to knock the corporation do so because they’re in the same market and the BBC is the market leader. They can’t dominate that market while the BBC exists in its current form because what they provide is so risibly inferior – the licence fee costs less than a daily tabloid newspaper

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