Your Med 5 and MEST 2 projects


Med 5-ers, scroll down. Mest 2-ers, read on.

Just when I thought I’d finished, a cluster of evaluations have been mailed through. It seems that an incorrect email address is in circulation, though some people did send through correctly.

Use rmcminn [at] bucksgfl [dot] org [dot] uk.

The list of names below is being updated as I receive them. If your name isn’t crossed through, I haven’t got your evaluation.

As to the rest, I’ve looked through most of them and (as I suspected, and as I kept reminding you), for many groups the downfall was the second production. Either not enough time spent on it, or (in at least one case) not reading the brief properly. The Brief Two web site was supposed to be a Healthy Lifestyle one:

Create three web pages for a health-orientated website aimed at a primary audience of young people aged 13 – 17 but which acknowledges that there are going to be many secondary audiences. You should consider carefully the institutional context for this e-media Brief. You might, for example, feel that the issue is important enough to create a site specifically targeting this age-group, perhaps feeling that teenagers might be put off by the ‘image’ of the health institutions’ main sites.

In other words, creating a web site that tied in with the radio show was not necessarily the thing to do, unless you focused on healthy lifestyles, which you didn’t.

Another issue was a poorly organised folder. What, you expect me to sort through it all for you? There were enough people twiddling their thumbs in that last week that this job could have been done.

Here is a list of people who – to the best of my current knowledge – have not sent through an evaluation. If you’re reading this and in touch with any of those on the list, give ’em a kick:
Zak L
Alex P
Reece B
Aaron C
Jess C
Jason C
Max D
Becca G
Ben G
James H
Chris L
Josh R
Adam R
Dan S
Ike W

Now on the Med 5.

Better news here, with almost everyone having handed in, apart from Jenny H. If anyone can get in touch with Jenny, and prompt her to email her project through (I’ve seen a first draft, so I know she did something), or let me know otherwise, I’d be grateful.


15 thoughts on “Your Med 5 and MEST 2 projects

  1. Adam Roberts

    Hey mr McMinn

    Yea this has been a huge mess, most of the people on that list gave me the wrong email of office[at] which i sent too on tuesday. Thursday i got told this was wrong and it was office[at] So thats probably why you haven’t got mine, i will send on that link you gave jess now.

    • I’ve received Jess’s now, and Adam’s has appeared in my inbox, but I am unable to open the email – some kind of end-of-file error.

      Please try again!

    • I’ve received Jason C’s now – could there be a general texting/IM session/Facebook message/tweet to let others on the list know that they need to use my email address, as you all have?

  2. Adam Roberts

    Yea i have made a facebook group inviting everyone on you’re list so everyone should get it, most people have already.

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