Your results…


Had to go home early to see the dentist, but I just got a copy of your results.

For Year 12, including the Year 13s in Year 12, we have an avalanche of excellent results for MEST 1. I think you’ll all be pleased, and most of your parents will save themselves the resit fees. There was I thinking it was too early. Two of you got 100%!

For the Year 13s, the resits from last year didn’t seem to make much difference, but the MED 4 results were fairly pleasing.

As for the difference in difficulty between old and new specification… no comment.


One thought on “Your results…

  1. Paul

    Dang, I looks like I’ll have to resit again. 🙂

    Looks like the year 12’s have it easy however… 100%, that’s just crazy!

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