ASA receives over 1000 complaints about Christian advert


Manchester United 2 – Inter Milan 0
Roma Rangers 1 – Arsenal Town 0

Christian Academicals 326 – Atheist Lions 1014.


2 thoughts on “ASA receives over 1000 complaints about Christian advert

  1. Paul

    It’s interesting how the Atheist advert received 1/3rd the complains of the Christian’s party advert.

    I wonder if it is representative of the amount of Christians compared to Atheists, or simply the amount willing to complain.

  2. Josh

    Why did people of faith, who would seldom doubt their beliefs, go crazy when they’re told there is ‘probably’ no God by atheists?
    And why did atheists, who have shot-down religious reasoning their whole lives, vandalise the Christian Party’s headquarters when told that God definitely does exist?
    “Oh! We atheists were terribly shocked when you Christians revealed that you thought God actually exists! You don’t even doubt it a teency bit? Wow!”
    Both sides of today’s secular society are aware of the other’s religious stance, but it only seems to become a problem when advertisements are used as a vehicle to distribute religious ideologies.
    In plain English, firstly, the 1,045 atheists who complained have clearly got too much time on their hands (maybe occupy yourselves by joining a religion or something). Why not turn up to church every now and again and watch from the side-lines like most other people?
    And secondly, you should not overestimate the power of advertising. Unless you haven’t yet made up your mind about which of the 243 types of razor is best for you.

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