Study an MA on The Beatles at Liverpool Hope

Source: Life

Source: Life

Great idea. The history of popular music is as worthy of study as the history of art, literature and drama. Nobody pokes fun at someone who wants to do an MA on Shakespeare or Scott Fitzgerald. Bring it on, I say, and don’t forget Bob Dylan, Motown Records, the Hawaiian Guitar craze of the 1920s, the touring Swing Bands of the 1930s, Elvis and Hank Williams.

Liverpool Hope University Launches Beatles MA.

Read more at The Guardian.

The potential scope of study is enormous, not just of the impact the Beatles had on popular song, but on the music industry, and the technical underpinnings of music production and performance. There are features in Pro Tools that are only there because The Beatles used a particular technique first. Beyond music, technology and industry, there’s The Beatles’ impact on society, on fashion, on politics; their impact behind the iron curtain in the midst of the Cold War; their world domination and its link to globalisation. In a more philosophical sense, there was something extraordinary about how good The Beatles were as a collective, reaching creative heights that none of them were able to manage as individuals. Even when George Harrison worked with Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, and Jeff Lynne on the Wilburys, they weren’t a patch on The Beatles.

If I were you, I’d be making sure that my BA studies would lead naturally into doing an MA like this. A Media Studies first degree would probably be ideal, but it would be worth checking with the course director.

Image source: Life, via Google