Hal Hartley on Trust


[YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8bDM0Aa_14%5D

Here he explains why legal issues prevent the distribution of two of his films on DVD. A ridiculous situation that leaves fans of his films with few other options other than piracy.

Watching this, I realised that I’ve been looking in the wrong place – and a quick trip over to Amazon.fr showed me the error of my ways.

Trust is available in France for €20. If only the exchange rate wasn’t so crap at the moment.

That’s a Region 2 DVD, so will be fine in the UK. It’s also available for Region 4.

DVD region codes are a classic example of a malicious feature. They’ve never really prevented anyone who was determined to get round the restrictions, but they have created a layer of inconvenience: a pain in the backside for potential customers who were perfectly willing to pay for a copy of a film, but found themselves balked by a technological stumbling block.


Trust is now available on Region 2 DVD in the UK. Yay!