Safari 4 Beta


As with all Betas, install at your own risk. Looks good, though. Note that Apple got to Safari 4 before Google got Chrome on the Mac at all.

UPDATE: Safari 4 has been benchmarked against other browsers, and is pretty fast, it seems, both on a Mac and a PC.


3 thoughts on “Safari 4 Beta

  1. Paul

    Surely Chrome is a non-issue? I have software to keep spyware off my PC, why would I or anyone else install it willingly?

  2. RFM

    True enough, I suppose. My point was that Google gave the impression that a Mac version was imminent when the PC version came out.

  3. Paul

    Ah, shameless delaying.

    Surely its been months since Chrome was released?

    Not sure why you’d want Chrome on a Mac anyway, as Safari is one of the better browsers around.

    I suppose Google has taken on too much, expanded a bit quick and thus other parts of the company are suffering, just like how last month Google accidentally flagged every site on the internet Malware.

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