Janet Street-Porter panders to Daily Mail readers’ prejudices – with hilarious results



Via Billy, who reads the Daily Mail online so that we don’t have to, comes this link to Janet Street-Porter: Why I hate Facebook.

I think her sentiments should be expressed in a more Gollum-like way to get the full effect. “We hates it, we hates them, those little people who dare to create their own contentses…”

Janet Street-Gollum hates FaceBook because it allows little insignificant people who aren’t fully paid-up media whores members of the Groucho Club and trained professionals to create and share their own content.

Facebook has been a runaway success because it allows people to create their own profile and welcome new ‘friends’ with whom they can share their every waking thought.
This, in turn, allows them to feel important and individual, no matter how humdrum their existence might be  –  by designing a far more interesting version of themselves online.
In their pathetic chat-rooms, they can project a vicarious image to the world  –  of everything from their appearance to their social life  –  which generally bears little resemblance to mundane reality.

Oh no! Quick! pass a law against it! She even asks, “Have these sad characters got nothing better to do?”

No! They’ve decided not to waste money on print newspapers, Janet (sales declining), or spend their leisure time watching TV (audiences shrinking), because they’re having more fun writing blogs, chatting with friends on FaceBook and watching funny videos on YouTube made by people like themselves. How dare they?

Who’s going to tell them what to think? Quick! Write a column! Who’s going to be backwards enough to print it? Quick! Call the Daily Mail before it goes out of business!

For a contrasting point of view, read this article by Anna Pickard from January, in which she says,

Call me naive, but far from being the bottomless repository of oddballs and potential serial killers, the internet is full of lively minded, like-minded engaging people – for the first time in history we’re lucky enough to choose friends not by location or luck, but pinpoint perfect friends by rounding up people with amazingly similar interests, matching politics, senses of humour, passionate feelings about the most infinitesimally tiny hobby communities.

Janet Street-Gollum is Old Media to the core, and she loves to slag off Media Studies, of course. Through the Daily Mail, she has a ready-made audience of not-too-well educated people who are frightened of change, conservative, and usually angry about something.


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  1. well written sir! and very well said!

    she is no fool tho – she got paid to write that – that is the difference – its one thing to do what we want – its another to get some dosh for it!

    former producer of What the Papers Say, BBC 2

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