Flat Earth News: Heather Mills retractions


Media Guardian has a story about a number of apologies and retractions being buried printed in the popular press concerning stories published in the Autumn about Heather Mills. They’re printing retractions, but they’re not really sorry, because the original stories sold the papers and established the public view; a fraction of the original readers may spot the retractions. It’s blatant, but it’s standard operating procedure for the tabloids.

I’m no fan of HM, but the divorce case judge said everything that needed to be said. What you do with a person like that is “deny them the oxygen of publicity” as Mrs Thatcher put it in very different circumstances. Snip:

The flurry of clarifications, usually buried deep inside the pages of the offending papers, comes after Mills’ lawyers wrote to the Press Complaints Commission, the industry body that handles grievances from the public, in November last year, highlighting half-a-dozen reports they claimed were inaccurate. Most of them were published in a two-week period immediately before the complaint was lodged.
They claimed, among other things, Mills had undergone surgery to increase the size of her breasts, spent millions of pounds awarded as part of her divorce settlement on a swimming pool, and had started to date a friend, but all of those claims, and several more, have now been retracted.