Brands of the World



This useful website, Best Brands of the World features a HUGE collection of logos, many relating to media and entertainment industries. Useful to use for *ahem* inspiration in creating your own student productions.

You can browse by category (e.g. Movies, or Music), and then click on the name of the logo, which takes you to a page for that logo. Clicking again takes you to a licence agreement page, on which you have to click that you agree (really?) to be taken (finally) to the download link.

Some of the files are in the .EPS format (encapsulated postscript), which Preview on a Mac will convert into a .PDF – you can also “Save As” a JPEG or other file format. Others are in .AI format (Adobe Illustrator), which Preview on a Mac also manages to open (again, “Save As” something you can use elsewhere). I’m unable to make head or tail of the .CDR format.

Browsing through the collection, I started to think about the (usually) four layers of production you get with a movie. Paramount Pictures Presents in association with Dog Eat Dog a Mystical Buddah Production of a Keyfob film… Because of the wide variety of random logos you an download from the site, I started to think of things like… The Forestry Commission Presents in association with HM Revenue and Customs an Ace Cafe Production…