BBC to start using Swear Box


The Guardian Media section has yet more BBC navel gazing and self-flagellation in the form of a review of swears


Beware of salty language in the actual article, as well as in the (somewhat predictable) comments.

My view is that when swearing is used to pander to a section of the audience, it’s fairly pathetic as well as patronising. I also like to see the strongest language preserved for the strongest use, and not bandied about willy nilly, debasing its value and reducing its power. And for every (real) swear word in the Sopranos, for example, there’s a made up “Milch-speak” swear word in NYPD Blue which is more effective, more creative, and less likely to offend.

As far as Jonathan Ross swearing at Gwyneth Paltrow goes, its a classic example of why I find him unwatchable. I’m glad I didn’t see it, because the very idea of that smarmy middle-aged poseur fawning over yet another skinny actor makes me cringe.