Truman Syndrome


Apparently a number of people have turned up in the USA convinced they are the stars of reality TV shows.

Psychiatrists are calling it Truman Syndrome, after the film.


2 thoughts on “Truman Syndrome

  1. Angie Moore

    I found this article really interesting. =)
    I love The Truman Show because it gave a really unique perspective of our existence. Though..i have had this discussion with my friends ages ago to see if they think life is like ‘The Truman Show’ and some have said ..yeah. But if life was just some tv show that everybody’s gained entertainment from you would have to consider the more personal aspects UMmm shower time? Haha
    Would be creepy to know billions of people are watching you =O.

    Ive been wanting to watch the Truman Show again for ages!!! =(
    Jim Carey is epic!. You should watch The Number 23. Where his existence is based purely on that number. Basically he finds 23 in everything….his social security number, drriving licence ect. Everything basically becomes a paranoid conspiracy theory. Well i liked that film. I wonder if there are any disorders for that?


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