They’ll be home by Christmas



What’s going on with these piracy stories? The latest story concerns yet another cargo ship being hijacked – this one full of wheat.

What with that, the oil tanker (currently anchored off the coast of “failed state” Somalia), the story about the possible shortage of Wii consoles this Christmas (due to Piracy) and the story about the British frigate that engaged with a pirate ship, killing two and arresting eight others, there’s a positive pirate epidemic at the moment.

The furious Saudi Royal Family responded to the attack today by comparing the banditry with terrorism and demanding an international crackdown on the pirates.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that international piracy had suddenly got much worse: actually, the number of attacks worldwide has fallen – apart from in the coastal waters of Somalia.

It’s almost as if – but surely not? – we were being softened up for a(nother) military adventure into a(nother) failed state, in order to sort out the problem of pirates, and little kiddies not getting their christmas pressies (and Saudi princes being out of pocket).


The international effort to stop piracy off Somalia has not worked and the effort clearly needs to be stepped up into a higher gear.
The naval forces are growing all the time. There is already a small flotilla of warships in the region from the US, UK, Canada, France, Turkey, Germany, Russia and India, among others.
This shows how the world’s trading powers regard the piracy as a joint threat.

It’s okay, though: just as with all the other wars over the past 100 years, they’ll be home by Christmas.


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  1. Max Derry

    Salutations fellow media bloggers and proffesor Mcminn, yea the whole pirates off the coast of Africa thng has definatley gotten out of hand you would of thought after the first one with the oil tanker they would of been on the red alert, seems not? i wasn’t to sure which one to comment so i did this one, sorry i couldn’t work out HTML tagsxxxx

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