Resolving Conflict with Song and Dance


America needs a Ferris Bueller Moment about now, a nice song and dance routine to a popular song so that everyone can forget that they live in a divided nation.

The NY Times has the exit poll data. Obama barely won among men (49% to 48%), but strongly among women (56% to 43%), overwhelmingly among blacks (95% to 5%), and convincingly among Latinos (66% to 31%) and Asians (62% to 35%). However, he lost among whites (43% to 55%) as Democrats normally do. He did progressively worse with age, winning the 18-29 year-olds 66% to 31% but losing seniors 52% to 46%. He swept every educational category as well as Catholics and Jews but lost Protestants 54% to 45%. He won people living in big cities, small cities, and suburbs, but lost in small towns and rural areas. One is tempted to say McCain won in traditional 19th century America (what Sarah Palin would call "real America"): older white Protestant men living in small towns. Obama won everywhere else. The Republican Party is going to have to think long and hard if it wants to hitch its wagon to this fading star while the Democrats are going after younger, multicultural, urban voters.

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2 thoughts on “Resolving Conflict with Song and Dance

  1. chinia

    I think that every thing is resolved by dancing and singing particularly in a tina turner in pre what’s love days kinda way , a bit of proud Mary might solve all the world’s problems!

  2. RFM

    Jon Stewart did the song and dance thing on The Daily Show tonight (last night’s in the US) – a whole sequence of people dancing around the world, followed by some dancing in the studio.

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