Michael Crichton Dead


Almost unnoticed today, the death of Michael Crichton, an author who was the inspiration behind a wide variety of media texts, from Westworld, The Andromeda Strain, Jurassic Park and Time Line to ER, the second-best medical drama.

Crichton always published books that were stuffed with contemporary issues, usually relating to cutting-edge scientific developments. He usually combined genres – science fiction thriller, for example. His books were fast-paced, well-informed, and sometimes controversial, as in the case of Climate of Fear, his debunking of the anthropogenic global warming movement. He predicted in that book, four years ago, that the rhetoric around climate change would shift from, “In a hundred years…” to ,”Sudden onset rapid change…” which is exactly what happened.


One thought on “Michael Crichton Dead

  1. danthek

    Perhaps some conspiracy could be made up here. Could we assume that because he was accurate in the past, one of his books predicts the downfall of America or something similar so he got knocked off? I am probably being really quite insensitive here, so I will hopefully counter-act the beginning by saying. My thoughts are with his family.

    It is also a shame that he died, because now I would assume (unless some other writer writes them) there will never be any more Jurassic Parks. Which is a big shame, because they could make them better than ever with today’s technology.

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