Where’s me firewire


While I love the looks of the new Apple MacBook, I’m concerned at its lack of a firewire port.

This means if you have an older digital video camera that uses tape and doesn’t have USB2 on it, you’re in a bit of a pickle when it comes to getting video into your ‘Book. Sure, an excuse to buy a new video camera and all that, but then you have to mentally add another £2-300 to the cost of the thing.

It’s also interesting to see the Apple staff used in the video. Jonathan (“Jony”) Ive, for example, who is Apple’s designer-in-chief. No Steve Jobs, perhaps because he would become the story – people would obsess on his appearance. Then again, I’ve always felt Ive was being groomed to succeed Jobs…


2 thoughts on “Where’s me firewire

  1. Mike

    The lack of a firewire port on the new macbook is something I still can’t get my head around. There doesn’t seem any particular reason for omitting them, it’s not like they’ve included a ‘replacement’ for firewire.

    Jobs said it was due to the fact that most HD cameras in the past few years run on usb. Well, that’s great, but what about musicians, who do still use firewire? What about the £800 firewire mixer my brother just bought? What about all the people who don’t upgrade there gear every couple of years and still run firewire?

    It’s ridiculous that the standard MacBook, for £200 cheaper, has more connectivity than the new model.

  2. Mike, this is what happens when you build to a price. For the sake of the cost of a FireWire controller chip, they’ve left it off, but anyone with an existing FW peripheral would gladly pay a few pounds extra to have it.

    What’s annoying is that USB2 is nowhere near as good as FW, even if it looks faster on paper – and I’m not sure how controlling the camcorder via the computer works with USB2.

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