Targeting Men


Glam Media, who were in the market of websites for women, are now chasing males:

See The Guardian again.

I just about fit the target demographic of 18–49 year olds. One look at the front page of, though, and I wanted to pluck out my eyeballs. Talk about losing the will to live. What have we got? Ooh, an article about “Game changing” alpha males, how original, followed by something about getting a flat stomach, shaving, er, sexy smart girls, and flat screen TVs.

You can’t help thinking that this is a woman’s idea of what men are interested in. You know what? I don’t discuss shaving, and I’ve certainly never wanted to read an article about it. Perhaps I’m unusual, but I generally think that if men really cared about having a flat stomach they’d, you know, be bothered.

And as for sexy smart girls? Yeah, big news flash, men like women, but I’m afraid that stupider is sexier. We (bitter) smart guys know exactly what that feels like. The equivalent article designed by men for a “women’s web site” would be something about The Tube’s Sexiest Mean Drunken Violent Gambling Addicted Blokes…


3 thoughts on “Targeting Men

  1. Mike

    Their top five ‘Game changers’ consist of people that “are still changing the world today”:

    1. Bono
    2. Bill Gates
    3. ‘Google guys’
    4. Dalai Lama
    5. Tiger Woods

    Steve Jobs is down at Number 13, with the article claiming he is “only limited by his imagination and, reportedly, his failing health.”

    I love a world where Woods has “influenced the world” more than Jobs.

    Oh, and sorry, but Jerry Seinfeld is slumming it at Number 10.

  2. Rob

    Mike, I love a world in which Bono, 30 years into his career, is more of a game changer than Bob Dylan, 50 years into his.

    Or a world in which a retired Bill Gates, who purchased MS DOS and sold it on to IBM; and copied Windows off Xerox via Apple; and purchased Explorer (which was called Mosaic) in order to catch up with the rest of the internet industry; and who never mentioned the internet in the first edition of his book, “The Way Ahead”, is ranked second!

    Or a world in which a religionist in an orange dress is considered more significant than, say, Tim Berners-Lee, or, I dunno, a scientist.

  3. Mike

    Bob Dylan came in at number 49, trailing far behind Eminem (Number 33), Kayne West (Number 28) and of course, David Beckham, at Number 18.

    Tim Berners-Lee didn’t feature at all.

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